SAS are finalists in the Comms National Awards 2017

We are thrilled to have been chosen as finalists in the Comms National Awards 2017!

We are shortlisted in the Best Enterprise Vertical Market Solution category, for our work delivering WAN and infrastructure services to the construction and roadbuilding sector.   

Construction companies face challenges setting up IT on green-field construction and road-building sites that are remote from fixed line communication services, inhospitable and often spread over a wide geographic area.

They face difficulties with network infrastructure because:

  • They’re only in situ for a while, exacerbating the issue that circuit delivery is usually protracted and often delayed unexpectedly
  • They’re often in remote places, further exaggerating those issues
  • Openreach line plant was often destroyed or lost during site clearance
  • They often bid without knowing whether Fibre Ethernet circuits can be delivered, how long they will take or how much they will cost
  • They need more than circuits – usually cabling,Wi-Fi, security and support for multiple companies
  • If they win, they need to mobilise fast - often within days.

We were chosen as finalists in CNA 2017 having developed a suite of construction-specific infrastructure-readiness services to tackle these issues.  The services help companies set up their sites for IT by providing cabling, LAN,Wi-Fi, ultra-rapid WAN deployment using 4G, before transitioning to fibre and point to point links.  The services also include:

  • Site lifecycle planning – to identify evolving needs at each site and apply the appropriate services below.
  • Pre-site Survey – a ‘walk the site’ service to identify existing communications
  • Fixed line network in advance – smart preparation for new voice and data services (such as Fibre Ethernet circuits) where we work closely with Openreach and the customer to choose the best installation arrangements and get circuits installed fast.
  • Fixed line move of existing infrastructure –internal shift of existing voice and data services
  • 4G survey –to identify mobile coverage at a new site or building, to specify and position 4G routers and aerials.
  • Cabling survey – to determine the internal cabling requirements of the building or site office.
  • Wi-Fi survey –preparation for Wi-Fi installation for employee and guest access.
  • Line of Sight survey – for temporary solutions in complex, agile site environments.

Our Sales Director, Mike Stichbury said: "We're really pleased to have been recognised as a leader in Hybrid WAN and site set-up services for the construction industry.  We get fantastic feedback from our Construction clients, and this CNA shortlist gives added confirmation that we're offering something really special with the best practices we offer to this sector."

For an example of these services in action, please see our case study on the A14 Extension Joint Venture.

Congratulations to the other finalists!


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