SAS and Arkessa partner to accelerate deployment of Global Enterprise WAN and IoT


London - SAS Global Communications today announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with Arkessa to create an optimised Enterprise-grade communications service that will transform the agility and operational efficiencies of companies expanding across a range of sectors including energy, transport, retail and healthcare.

Arkessa is a leading provider of IoT and M2M products and services that make it easy to connect, manage and communicate with remote assets and devices. The Internet of Things is set to transform the way that organisations operate and Arkessa is at the forefront of this revolution.

Andrew Orrock, Arkessa CEO said, " We are proud to partner with SAS, a relationship that has been proven across numerous Enterprise deployments over recent years. This joint success has led to both companies investing in THE creation of a market leading Enterprise-grade solution.

SAS share our passion and commitment to innovation and best of breed technologies which, combined with the integration of SAS IT networking capabilities and Arkessa's IoT connectivity services, creates a winning partnership driving customer success.”

SAS is an international provider of managed and professional services that designs and manages bespoke IP communications networks for more than 250 customers worldwide.

Combining SAS and Arkessa services allows SAS to simplify and extend into new markets the delivery of its medium to high bandwidth carrier agnostic, multi-sim mobile 3G/4G data solutions. These provide ultra rapid delivery of Ethernet speed connectivity to fixed sites, vehicles and boats in the UK and abroad.

"The ability to extend our hybrid networking portfolio with Arkessa has resulted in some very exciting projects within new markets,” said Charles Davis, CEO of SAS Global Communications. “This is a new growing market and SAS has made significant investments to integrate cellular and satellite connectivity into its core fixed line managed WAN service. Most carriers offer low bandwidth single carrier and single SIM solutions within 28 days. SAS has developed an international multi SIM and multi carrier bonded VPN solution to offer medium to high bandwidth solutions within days. We can help organisations who require rapid site deployment, temporary or seasonal site deployment, vehicular site connectivity, or carrier resilience and diverse site connectivity. Our purpose is to make our customers more successful by keeping their businesses agile and responsive for staff and clients. Arkessa helps us to achieve this aim.”

About Arkessa

Arkessa are leading M2M managed services providers. Delivering global services and solutions, Arkessa provides true pole-to-pole coverage and multi-network cellular connectivity in all regions of the World. The Arkessa goal is to future proof customers’ connections to the Internet of Things by providing managed M2M connectivity with global solutions that include: single and multi- network, non-steered roaming, SMS, CSD, GPRS, 3G, 4G, Satellite, and emerging Low Power Wide Area radio technologies.

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