RSM Bentley Jennison makes SAS Global Communications accountable for its wide area network

London- SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed and professional network services, has signed a managed services agreement with RSM Bentley Jennison, a leading professional services firm, to provide third-party monitoring and support for the company’s wide area network.

RSM Bentley Jennison is regarded as one of the most progressive firms of its kind in the UK, with leadership in the provision of accountancy, business advisory and risk management services. The company has 18 sites across the UK and its services are delivered by around 1100 staff, most of whom make extensive use of central and web based applications.

Having identified its systems were not performing at the necessary speed , RSM Bentley Jennison was not sure if the cause was due to poor configuration, a specific problem or set of problems, or a genuine lack of bandwidth.

“We couldn’t get a clear understanding of what the network was doing and couldn’t access the expertise easily through our carrier – this was making it difficult to move forward,” said Stephen Abbott-Capps, IT director for RSM Bentley Jennison.

“We didn’t really want to move to a new carrier, especially as we knew we had a good fault-tolerant network in place. What we needed was professional help to work with us to move our network and the firm forward,” continued Stephen. “When we were introduced to SAS we realised we had found a partner that could support us, not only with the technology we currently had, but they also had the capability to move forward with us, changing and expanding our network as our organisation developed.”

After an initial fact-finding session, SAS followed up with a demonstration of some of the network monitoring capabilities the firm could achieve with its managed network tools. RSM Bentley Jennison immediately signed up for the service.

“I was really impressed with the flexibility of reporting I could get from SAS’s systems and the relative ease with which it could be understood,” said Stephen. “It was more comprehensive and more intuitive than anything we’d had before, and I could see straight-away that it would help us find out exactly what was going on with the network.”

In fact, within days of its implementation, RSM Bentley Jennison was able to see an anomaly in its bandwidth utilisation and after two days of analysis had tracked the cause to an indexing feature on a development server which needed to be disabled. This particular ‘faulty’ feature was using 25 percent of the company’s central bandwidth and having a knock-on effect across the whole network.

“The new reports available were also able to quickly identify some overnight regional problems we were experiencing,” said Stephen. “The initial concern was that there may be a virus, however, it was soon attributed to our push email application. After approaching the supplier, it turned out to be a known bug in the software and a solution was made available shortly afterwards.”

Since helping the company to resolve its performance issues, RSM Bentley Jennison has, in a growing partnership with SAS, now subscribed to an extended selection of the company’s managed services, including 7-7 monitoring of all routers and firewalls, class of service monitoring, remote firewall management, and proactive network support and incident management.

“For me, the key benefit of working with SAS is that I’m spending less time managing the network myself,” said Stephen. “If I need support, there’s no red tape and I can be confident that the people I talk to will take ownership of the problem and deal with it.”

“It’s often difficult for companies to gain sufficiently detailed information on their network traffic with the basic tools offered by carriers,” said Charles Davis, CEO for SAS Global Communications. “Unfortunately, more sophisticated monitoring tools are not only expensive to buy but can be extremely complex to use. By taking advantage of SAS’s monitoring and support services, RSM Bentley Jennison has gained access to both the tools and expertise it needed to help develop and managed its network – and all for a fraction of the cost of an in-house implementation.”

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