OB10 ensures second successful office relocation with SAS

London - SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed IT and professional services, has relocated OB10’s London office IT systems covering network, platform and applications for the second time in two years. OB10 is the leading global B2B e-invoicing network that simplifies and streamlines the complex invoice-to-pay processes. Today, the company operates out of offices across Europe, North America and Asia. Having used SAS to move offices just over a year ago, they chose to use SAS once again due to the quality of service received previously. SAS was responsible for all aspects of moving and re-commissioning OB10’s IT equipment.

After a programme of discussions, workshops and site visits, a detailed plan was developed to power down, de-rack and move OB10’s IT infrastructure and communication links to the new site and then re-rack, power-up all equipment at the new site. Full testing and user support for the first day in the new OB10 office was also provided. The SAS Physical Infrastructure (PI) team produced a patching schedule and allocated specialist resources to carry out the IT relocation.

Whilst OB10 used separate company for the office fit out, SAS worked closely with that company in an advisory capacity, to ensure that all aspects of cabling and infrastructure worked for the physical layout of the new site. With users connected smoothly, and all staff relocated to their new desks, SAS checked all systems were working over a 48-hour period. This included help on the first day to provide ‘merge cover’ for staff. Additionally SAS engineers walked all floors and provided user support to over 100 OB10 staff. The OB10 IT relocation went smoothly due to intensive pre-planning by the SAS PI team. SAS ensured that OB10’s communication links were installed, tested and working in advance of the move, to ensure a seamless transition. Chris Talliss, Director Technical Services & Operations at OB10 said, “Although there were some challenges along the way, the move went well and we were able to rely on SAS to support us throughout the process”.

Charles Davis, Chief Executive Officer for SAS commented, “Many companies underestimate the complexity of (and the detailed planning required for) the relocation of network, platform and applications in a very tight timeframe. Happily OB10 was on top of the challenges involved and our previous experience working together ensured a solid plan was in place. That plan identified known risks well in advance, and had contingency built-in for the inevitable unknown challenges that arise when moving critical business systems”.

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