Keep track of critical applications and improve performance!


Monitoring and managing critical applications is essential to the smooth running of a business.


We all know how easy it is to be overwhelmed with data. It can often leave us unable to see how it relates to the application performance itself.


The Critical Path Monitoring (CPM) tool in our managed networks aims to overcome this problem.  Part of our Network and Application Monitoring capability, it can be found within the  Unified Dashboard, which brings together everything about your infrastructure in a single display.


CPM is a godsend to all those struggling to keep track of critical applications. It monitors all of the devices and components along the IP path of the application.  

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Using a 'traffic light' system, CPM alerts you to the general health of each application. It allows you to drill-down into a coloured topology map so that you can quickly see the problem.


The health and performance of each application is summarised into one of three states:

  • Green – Indicating all good
  • Amber – Indicating a warning
  • Red – Indicating a critical problem


Critical Path Monitoring tool from SAS


If you see an amber or red light, don't panic! Simply click on the traffic light and we'll show you the complete application path.





You'll see all of the components that make up the application path (app, server, connectivity and routers) and any problem areas will be highlighted in red or amber. This gives you an extremely quick way to assess what might be going wrong. 


Rest aussured, thanks to our proactive monitoring, 95% of problems are picked up before you even notice! When this happens, a ticket is raised for you automatically.


To learn more about CPM, why not take a look at our recent video?


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