Joining forces with Peplink to drive agile hybrid networking


We recently joined the Peplink partner programme to extend SAS' hybrid managed networking portfolio.

Peplink's internet load balancing and VPN bonding solutions help us to extend our managed hybrid networking solutions (fixed line, satellite, WiFi and cellular) into new markets and countries. We have deployed Peplink as a new option within our managed 4G solutions, where multi SIM and multi carrier cellular connectivity is required.

This means that we're able to deliver medium to high bandwidth solutions in fixed sites, vehicles and boats, in the UK and abroad.

We developed our managed hybrid network service to help organisations requiring rapid site deployment or connectivity to temporary, seasonal, vehicular or marine sites around the world. It also helps them to enjoy the benefits of M2M and IOT.

Peplink's VP of Sales for Europe said,

'Over the past 12 months, SAS have repeatedly demonstrated that they add enormous value as a Certified Peplink Partner and solution integrator on any size project. Their broad skill set, engineering capacity and innovative approach to problem solving makes them a strategic partner for us both in the UK and further afield.'

The ability to extend our hybrid networking portfolio with Peplink has resulted in what Charles Davis, CEO describes as, 'very exciting projects within the construction, leisure and transport markets.'


network connection solutions using rapid site deployment and 3G/4G cellular WAN


These are new and growing markets, and we've made significant investments to integrate cellular and satellie connectivity into our core fixed line managed WAN service.  Most carriers offer low bandwidth single carrier and single SIM solutions within 28 days. We've developed an international multi sim, multi carrier bonded VPN solution, to offer medium to high bandwidth solutions (10mb and much higher) within days

SAS helps organisations requiring rapid site deployment, temporary or seasonal site deployment, vehicular site connectivity, or carrier resilience and diverse site connectivity. Our purpose is to make our customers more successful, by keeping their businesses agile and responsive for staff and clients. Peplink helps us to achieve this aim.

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