Introducing the new SAS Unified Dashboard

We're delighted to share a short video introducing the latest update to our Network and Application Monitoring capability. This is version 5, which introduces the Unified Dashboard into our managed networks.


Just before we show you the video, it's worth a quick word about the importance of version 5. While we're proud to be one of Solarwinds' largest users and their first managed service provider in the UK, we're particularly stoked that version 5 takes us across a threshold that sees Solarwinds as only 5% of our end to end service. The rest of the 95% is SAS PFM (Pure Freaking Magic).

Why is this important?  Many of our competitors trade on the refrain that Yes, they use Solarwinds too, and Oh, their competitor is also just using Solarwinds, so they can do everything their competitor can do.  Now, Solarwinds is arguably the greatest monitoring platform out there, but we've long been of the opinion that monitoring the WAN is FAR from the only thing our customers need.  

Surprisingly, many providers are content to monitor just the WAN, and only the bits of the WAN that they have sold.

"But wait",  you may say...

"My applications run across a network from multiple carriers.  They run over a LAN from multiple suppliers. They run on servers and storage. They use a Database. Or ten. Some are on premise, some in the cloud.  

And what if a problem relates to a Major Service Outage or a PEW?  Has it been raised as an incident?  Is there some history ... can we trace back to see historic issues without the all detail having been 'rolled-up' and made meaningless?  

Is there a looming issue from thresholds soon to be breached?

Can't I see all this in one place to help me triage and fix problems fast?


With version 5.0 you can have all of the above.

Then there's the rest of the service experience ... pricing, ordering, delivery, billing.  With recent changes to our supply chain we're now a 100% digital company. Which means we can deliver an even better experience to our customers.

The Unified Dashboard, therefore, is a window into the most advanced, agile and powerful Network and IT management service we've ever produced.  

It goes a long way towards our aspiration to offer the the best network management and the best managed IT service available anywhere.

Let's take a quick look now.

HubSpot Video



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