Improving Application Performance with Solarwinds NTA


A little while ago we announced the new Unified Dashboard within our monitoring portal.  Among other things, this introduced a new way to access Netflow data.  Netflow shows you which applications, protocols and devices are using your network, which is immensely helpful when troubleshooting application performance problems. 


The Unified Dashboard uses the Solarwinds Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) module to bring Netflow data right into the dashboard, alongside your other network and application information. We've had great feedback about how useful people are finding it to be able to access everything within one tool.


Now that people are more familiar with using NTA to access their Netflow data, we will be saying a fond farewell to the old Scrutinizer Netflow tool, and retiring it during the week starting December 19th, 2016.


We know how it is with changes - sometimes it takes a while to recall where things have moved.  If you're not sure where to find your Netflow data, just head to the My Dashboards tab, click on the NETFLOW menu, and then on NTA Summary.


Netflow menu.png


If you haven't yet sampled the delights of Netflow for troubleshooting Application Performance problems, give your Account Manager a nudge and we'll be delighted to show you how powerful it is. You can explore many different views of your traffic (such as the top applications, conversations and devices), to help pin down what's hogging all the bandwidth.

 netflow top 10 applications chart and table.png


If you missed them, there's a short explainer video on the Unified Dashboard here, and another video about the recent Critical Path Monitoring tool here.


By the way, we are taking the opportunity to develop some new reporting capabilities for our Advanced Reporting Module (ARM).   If you have some views on reports you'd like to see, then please do drop us a line!



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