Greg Duffy joins SAS as Marketing Director


We’re delighted to welcome Greg Duffy as Marketing Director for SAS.


Greg joins from BT Business, where he spent many years running networked IT services, and where he worked closely with SAS to build BT’s successful Managed WAN service.


Chas Davis, CEO, said: “We’re really thrilled that Greg has chosen to join us.  He brings a wealth of insight into services, marketing and industry players in Managed IT Services and Network Management. Greg joins us now as we start an exciting phase of growth.”




Greg explained why he wanted to join SAS: 


“I’m just delighted to join SAS. I’ve admired them for a long time and wanted to be part of something extremely special.    


I was at BT for 24 years and I built and marketed services in almost every category over that time. In my view, SAS was by a considerable margin the greatest supplier and partner to BT Business in any of the categories in all of that time.


When I needed help to replace an ageing legacy MPLS service, SAS built and launched a managed wan service for me in a matter of months. It was universally acknowledged as the best product at the best price that we’d had in over 8 years. That’s a testimony to their skills, systems and processes.


But when I urgently needed a customer reference (and customers actually willing to speak to a prospect), SAS didn’t come up with one. No, they came up with three. Within half an hour. That’s a testimony to their project managers, service managers, account managers… Everyone who touches their customers.


Then I found that they win 75% of the opportunities they qualify, which I’d never heard of until I found SAS. Sure, that’s a testament to their sales people, but more than that it’s a testament to the special bond they have with their customers, one that drives customers to share their experiences openly to help other companies see what they could be getting.


That’s why I originally thought that to join SAS would be to join something special. When I got to know them better, I realised there were three completely different reasons why they are so special.


Firstly, most people create products and services that customers consume. At SAS, they design around their customer’s business and IT, they design end-to-end across the network, the infrastructure and the applications, and they design and manage for performance. I’d never met an application vendor that was accountable for performance over the network. I have now!


Secondly, they have a total and unrelenting determination to make things right for their customers. And they have the systems and skills to deliver.


Lastly, they’re just lovely people to be with – whether you’re an employee or a customer. I’ve never laughed as much at work, or with customers!


So, that’s why I’m delighted to be here. And I’ve joined at a pivotal moment that is extremely exciting for us.”


Welcome, Greg!

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