COVID-19 update for customers | July 2020

Covid-19 update

I hope this latest update finds you and your teams safe and well.

We have been monitoring the latest advice issued by the UK Government and after careful consideration we have decided not to materially change our approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This means that we will continue to work remotely and from home, leaving our offices free for the essential engineering and support services, and our Network Operations Centre.

We are proud to have delivered our full service offering throughout this extraordinary time and to have maintained our high standards of performance. We are delighted to see so much project work take off again now, and we look forward to helping our clients implement further changes to their critical infrastructure.

Over the last month it has been a real morale boost that many of our customers have given us the vote of confidence of signing new long-term contracts with us.  We're very excited at the prospect of announcing a number of new customers in the coming weeks. 

As Lockdown starts to relax further, businesses are continuing to evolve the way they deal with their new working environments. For example, many clients have been challenged with supporting more temporary home and remote workers and are anticipating a material increase in this over the long term. To help them, we have launched a number of new services specifically for home and remote workers, such as emergency connections, direct WAN connections for long-term Home Workers, IP Voice connections and voice to MS Teams integration.

In other news, we were particularly encouraged to be endorsed by Enterprise Networking Magazine, as a top 10 provider of SD WAN in the UK, based in part on the number of our successful Meraki solutions.

The pandemic has been an extraordinary event and I'm sure you would agree that it is far from over; hence our cautious and realistic approach to the next stage.

In summary, we remain financially strong, free from debt with strong annuity revenues and a determination to keep our customers working. I would like to thank all our customers and partners, again, for their continued support and business.  I trust you feel that we have stepped up during this time of crisis, ensuring that our full service is available to you throughout and that our performance has been maintained to the highest level.

Thank you, once again.

Colin Mattey



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