COVID-19 update for customers | May 2020

May 6th, 2020

Dear Customers,

We hope this latest update finds you and your teams safe and well.

We responded quickly to the extraordinary events of the last 2 months, having implemented our pandemic continuity plan at the start of March.  I am pleased to report that have been able to ensure continuity of service and support for every customer.  We deeply appreciate the support of our customers, partners and suppliers at this time. 

We recognise our good fortune to be part of an industry that can weather this difficult storm better than most.  We are not completely immune, but the nature of what we provide gives us strength.  We have a large proportion of annuity revenues and although some project work has been paused, we have continued to implement many projects (one example being WiFi services across multiple contracts in transport, finance and UK Government, for BT WiFi).  We also have a strong financial track record, minimal debt and a full forward-pipeline.

We have been fortunate to secure a number of major new clients in the last few months, across multiple industry verticals. Once the lock-down is ended, these major projects will be starting in earnest. 

We have created a number of commercial and technical responses that we hope can provide tangible help and at this difficult time, both to our existing clients and potentially new customers too.  If you need help then please ask us and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

We have created a number of technical offers to address the needs of customers struggling with circuit connections or with people working unexpectedly from home. These include the provision of interim high performance connectivity, as well as long-term connectivity direct to the WAN that offers seamless connection to WAN and Cloud-delivered services.  We are also offering Hosted Voice, Microsoft 365 and Teams.  I should make a special mention of our ability to integrate Voice and Teams, which allows external calling right from Teams. This gives people a fast, seamless experience whether calling and collaborating within their teams or beyond, and whether calling from the office or from home.  There are links below if you think these might help.

We are already implementing our return-from-lock-down plan. This will involve a continuation of remote and home working and a reconfiguration of our offices to extend safe social distancing for our engineering and NOC teams and any critical staff who need to attend our offices in person. 

We are also extending our use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). One example of this will be to extend the use of face masks from field engineering teams to all staff on SAS premises. 

We anticipate that we shall be following this approach for some time to come. We all recognise the considerable value of being together as teams in one location. However, the new reality means this is unlikely to happen again in the short term.

We have asked our people to minimise face to face meetings for the time being, and to use conference and video calls instead (for which we use MS teams extensively).  We trust this approach works for our customers, partners and suppliers.  Please let us know if you have any difficulties.

Again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our customers, partners and suppliers. The support we have received has been outstanding and we are in good shape as a result.

In return, we hope you all feel that SAS has done everything to support you. Please let us know if we can provide any further help or ideas on how you can implement the next phase of your COVID 19 recovery plan.

Kind Regards



Colin Mattey, Chairman


You can find a more recent update here: COVID-19 update for customers | July 2020

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