Celebrating 275 managed service clients!


We're excited to announce our latest milestone:


The SAS team has achieved 275 managed network, infrastructure and applications contracts for UK and International organisations, across 10,000 sites and 65 countries...all from our 24/7 NOC!


We attribute this achievement to our successful digitalisation programme and continued focus and investments in 3 key areas:


  1. Hybrid-networking - especially our award winning multi-sim, multi-carrier UK and International cellular WAN solution. This gets our clients up and running in days rather than months and avoids circuit delays impacting your business!

  2. Our new Next Generation Monitoring platform (NGM). It monitors and manages the individual end user experience of business critical applications across complex and multi-carrier and vendor IP infrastructures. This stops helpdesk tickets building up around users complaining about slow applications, and allows IT teams to find the needle in the hay stack quickly, every time!
  3. The introduction of application development into our managed service portfolio. Ultimately, you only have network and server infrastructure to deliver your business applications, so you need a managed service provider that can do network, infrastructure and application. Simple!

SAS is only as good as its people. Our brilliant service teams continue to provide clients with outstanding support, day in day out. So a big thank you to each and everyone of them! 


We are incredibly grateful to our customers, old and new, for supporting SAS with their advocacy to help us win new business and of course, for their invaluable feedback. This is what helps us enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction rate and 95% retention rate year on year.


Our CEO, Charles Davis summed it up nicely, "The biggest lesson for our team, and something that our customers reinforce, is to keep focusing on SAS' strengths and resist following the crowd (or cloud). We want to avoid trying to be all things to all men. "Me too" is not in our vocabulary."


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