Barratt modernises their site office IT process with an SD WAN solution from SAS

We are very pleased to share a new case study explaining how Barratt Developments used a Managed SD WAN solution from SAS to help modernise their IT process for site and sales offices.

Building around 15,000 homes this year, Barratt Developments is the nation’s largest housebuilder.  They wanted to improve the communications infrastructure at their site and sales offices, in order to enable a Microsoft 365 cloud strategy. They also wanted to adopt an Opex model for IT services and equipment.

We provided them with an outsourced procurement and network management service based on Cisco Meraki SD WAN and 4G. This helps them to open sites quickly. It also gives them a standard infrastructure at every site and the flexibility to deploy IT services on-demand.

Find out more in our Barratt Developments Managed SD WAN case study.


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