ARM 2.0 - Still the best network reporting tool; now even better!

ARM 2.0

We are proud to announce the launch of ARM 2.0, a major update to what we like to think of as the best network reporting tool available.

ARM is our Advanced Reporting Module  

ARM allows customers to explore their network in great detail, examining trends, drilling down into the data and identifying patterns.   It's also the tool we use ourselves to analyse our customers' networks.  It draws from all the data collected about everything we monitor for our customers.

What We Do 4

ARM 2.0 brings a number of improvements.  For example:
  • We now hold data for the whole lifetime of each device. 
    This is far longer than most other reporting tools; most tend to roll up data into a summary, making it very difficult to identify long-running patterns and trends.  ARM 2.0 lets you go way back in time, making it possible to explore long-term trends and intermittent issues 

  • We now provide even more opportunities to click-through and drill down into further detail.
    This makes it even easier to troubleshoot intermittent problems.  A great example, is our Receive and Transmit Peaks report, which helps you spot peaks in data over time, then drill down into the specific day and time, and then into the Netflow data to see what was happening.  This helps customers to find out what's going on,  or for our Service Excellence consultants to do it for them.  See the example below.

  • We now provide Cisco Last Date Of Service (LDOS) reports for every device, including switches.
    This helps when planning for refresh, or identifying risks.

  • Generally, ARM 2.0 has become even faster and more secure.

Here's an example of drilling-down to explore receive and transmit peak issues

First, we can see two days in the last month with particularly high utilisation:

SAS ARM 2.0 utilisation by day

Clicking on the July 4th day, we can drill down to see when the issue occurred:

SAS ARM 2.0 utilisation by hour

Clicking onto the 11:30 to 12:30 slot we can find out which conversation was most contributing to the high utilisation:

netflow top talkers


We think you'll love ARM 2.0.   

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