86 percent of clients report improved network performance and availability with SAS Global Communications

London – SAS Global Communications, an international provider of managed network and professional services has announced that its 2012 customer satisfaction value metric has improved by 15 percent in the last year.

The value metric which enumerates improvements in the performance and availability of client networks whilst under the management of SAS, found that 58 percent of customers had seen an improvement in network performance of more than 20 percent with SAS, and 39 percent had seen an improvement greater than 40 percent.
Network availability also fared well in the survey, with 42 percent of customers reporting an improvement in their network’s availability of more than 40 percent as a result of working with SAS.

Commenting on what he believes to be the main driver for these findings, SAS CEO Charles Davis said, “Over the last two years, SAS has invested heavily in the development of business intelligence tools and early warning systems to allow us to predict potential client-network problems sooner so we can resolve and/or escalate issues before they impact performance or availability. Our survey results not only vindicate our investment in these systems, we think they also justify our decision in 2010 to bring application development skills in-house at SAS.”

In other feedback from the survey, the company found:

  • 82 percent of customers said they would definitely recommend SAS; a further 18 percent said they would consider providing a recommendation.
  • 86 percent of customers rated their overall experience with the SAS project delivery team as outstanding, excellent or good.
  • 92 percent of customers rate their overall experience of SAS’s customer support in 2012 as outstanding, excellent or good.
  • 92 percent of customers scored SAS’s overall technical knowledge and competence as outstanding, excellent or good.

“For a rapidly growing company like SAS, it’s vital that we maintain the quality of our services as we begin to scale up; in my experience, that’s where many larger organisations fall on their swords,” said Davis. “The major signs from our survey suggest that SAS is holding its own but we will continue to monitor our performance and solicit feedback from our customers.”

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