Discover why customers trust SAS to monitor their whole estate and rely on us to alert and respond proactively to issues.  

See for yourself how we show both a CIO-level dashboard, as well as detailed drill-down information and long-term trends - across 25,000+ elements.

Our network monitoring software is everything you need to monitor your network, report on trends over time, diagnose problems and keep on top of problems.

With our network monitoring software, you’ll be able to

  • Monitor your whole estate: network, infrastructure and applications 
  • View end to end application paths
  • Keep a track of your whole inventory
  • View the health of your network
  • Drill down into any issues
  • Explore and plan in more detail with our Advanced Reporting Module
  • Confidently manage your network with our support

... all in one place.

It is backed by a our 24/7 NOC team that helps you fix problems as soon as they arise (or even before they become an issue).

See for yourself! 

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