Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

What we're here for

We design, deploy and manage the networks on which our customers run their businesses in an increasingly digital world. 

We make them more successful by

  • Providing innovative technology and excellent technical advice
  • Delivering right first time
  • Keeping our promises and going the extra mile

Our Vision

Where we're going

Our hybrid networks help customers digitalise their businesses

They will have the best price possible
- Our hybrid networks, enhanced by SD-WAN, will blend carriers and technologies to optimise the price of every site, and minimise installation cost with zero touch deployment. We’ll offer transparent pricing for peace of mind.

They will have the fastest deployment
- Our hybrid networks will let them choose circuits that deliver fastest for each site, and our 4G WAN circuits will offer 2 day delivery with seamless transition to permanent circuits.

They will have the easiest migration
- We will phase their migrations to suit them, minimising cost and hassle.

They will have the best performance and uptime
- Our advanced monitoring will show the whole application path, raise 95% of key issues proactively and allow detailed reporting and drill-down to show issues and long-term trends.

They will have the most enjoyable and pain free experience
Our end to end digital systems and processes will deliver Right First Time with clear, accurate bills.


Our Values

What we believe in

We do the right thing for customers
- Our first priority is to solve our customers’ problems

We are passionate and determined to succeed
- Our customers will decide our long term success. We will delight them with our service by taking individual and team responsibility for delivery.

We enjoy building open and honest relationships 
- We understand that constant communication helps build trust and support with customers, Partners and Colleagues.

We embrace and drive change
- We will be restless, challenging, creative and open minded - continually looking for the next “big thing”. We will always be relevant to our customers.

We are a positive team with a genuine family spirit
- We support our colleagues and enjoy having fun.


Why we're different

We run our customers’ corporate data networks. Our innovations connect their new sites faster, make their applications faster and give them better service and lower cost than they’ve had before. We’re making them more successful by approaching their networks in a different way. This is how we do it.

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