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Is SD WAN for me?

SD WAN is the next revolution in Wide Area Networking. 

Many CIO’s are considering whether to use it for their next network.

How do I explore?

Adopting SD WAN is a big decision, but there is little evidence to make it with.

  • There are few mid-market case studies 
  • CIOs have little objective evidence on which to decide
  • And their IT teams have little evidence with which to help them

How do I make the case?

It's hard for CIOs and IT teams to decide if SD WAN would benefit them:

  • Device and licences are not cheap, making a cost argument unclear at first look
  • There is little practical means to explore the detail of how SD WAN could really work for them.
  • They lack a risk-free, cost-free means to explore for themselves

A Trial to give the insight you need

A Trial of SD WAN technology

  • At three of your sites
  • For 30 days

Followed by a report

  • Summarising the benefits that your trial suggests SD WAN might offer
  • Including an outline commercial model

And a post-trial review

Is this trial for you?

This trial is ideal if you are

  • Currently running a managed WAN
  • Looking to refresh your WAN in the next 12 months
  • Actively considering SD WAN
  • UK Headquartered, with three existing UK sites on which to run the trial

Which sites should you use?

  • Ideally, one or more of the sites should have two circuits so that we can show you how SD WAN can route traffic dynamically
  • One site should be an HQ or Data Centre so that we can demonstrate the application of SD WAN to corporate apps, internet and cloud access

What will the SD WAN trial show you?

We’ll draw from our Guide to SD WAN benefits.

We'll use the proof of concept trial  to help you understand how SD WAN could work for you in a number of scenarios.


We'll help you explore these scenarios:

  • Deploying the network
  • Reliability of the network
  • Performance of the network
  • Manageability and reporting

Take a peek at SD WAN benefits you'll be testing:

(We'll send you the full guide when you sign up to the trial below)

A Guide to SD WAN Benefits_Page_01-1
A Guide to SD WAN Benefits_Page_02
A Guide to SD WAN Benefits_Page_03
A Guide to SD WAN Benefits_Page_04

How will the Trial work?

Working with your IT team we will

  • Set up some limited monitoring of the traffic at your trial sites before the trial, for comparison purposes
  • Install the trial as an overlay on top of your existing network at the three sites, allowing the sites to continue operating as normal.
  • Monitor the SD WAN overlay during the course of the trial
  • Implement test scenarios as discussed

After the trial we will

  • Close down the pilot in an orderly manner
  • Summarise the findings and learning
  • Conduct a post-trial review with you.

What do we need from you?

  • First of all, you will need to be fully involved!
  • We’ll need your team to give us access to your network to set up equipment and monitoring
  • We’ll need you to be on hand for discussion before, during and after the trial

What's included and what's the cost?

Many trials just give you software. We include everything:

  1. Pre-trial consultation
  2. A trial at three sites for 30 days
  3. Hardware, licensing and maintenance
  4. Professional Services and managed service
  5. A post-trial review


If you are open to a no-obligation conversation with SAS about your next WAN then we may be able to offer a discount. Please ask.

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