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Do you need to connect a site to the WAN or internet ASAP?  

  • 4G LTE cellular WAN technology bonds multiple SIMs for reliable high speed within 2 days.

 It's vital to run a cellular survey first.

  • For reliable, high speed connections you need to bond multiple SIMs from multiple carriers, and choose carriers that work well at each location. Don't settle for less.

Your free survey helps estimate: 

  • How many SIMS, from which carriers, will give you the performance you need.

  • Whether an out-of-the-box, two-working-day deployment will work for you.

About the survey

  • We conduct the survey remotely, so nobody needs to visit, and nobody will do a hard sell on you!

  • Our data covers all carriers but is independently sourced and carrier neutral, to give you the full, unbiased picture for sites in the UK and abroad.

Simply provide us with contact details and the site you want to check.  

If you want to learn more before requesting a survey,  
watch our unboxing video or read our Rapid Site Deployment page.  

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