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DIY vs Managed SD WAN

SD WAN makes networks simple, so why do I need a Managed SD WAN network?

SD WAN promises to make networks simple, so people sometimes wonder whether they can move to SD WAN and manage the network themselves.   This guide helps you choose.

Can I move from Managed WAN to a DIY SD WAN?

SD WAN can indeed make some things easier.  It can:

  • Orchestrate the network;
  • Choose routes that give the best performance;
  • Distribute patches and updates automatically;
  • Replace the command line with a graphical interface. 

So, what are the reasons for a Managed SD WAN network?

This guide explains why you might still prefer a managed network with SD WAN, and gives you a method for choosing between DIY and Managed SD WAN.    The guide:

  • Explains how an SD WAN overlay still relies on the same underlay network that traditional networks use;
  • Illustrates all the management functions required for an underlay network, that are still required with SD WAN;
  • Describes three ways in which SD WAN is inherently more complex than a traditional network, requiring network design and troubleshooting skills;
  • Provides ten questions to help you decide between DIY and Managed SD WAN.

There's also a tool to help you evaluate for your business.

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