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Venn are the specialists in temporary recruitment in the UK. We have offices in Bristol in the South and up to Leeds in the North.

We’ve grown from a start-up in 2001, to where we are now - a £100m turnover company and we employ approximately 300 staff across our operation. The network is incredibly important to our business. It helps us deliver the core applications over Citrix and it gives us access to data & voice services, which in turn helps us deliver services to our clients and our candidates. I joined Venn at an exciting time, three years ago now. We were outgrowing our existing systems and we needed a redesign of our IT estate.

We focused initially on the core network, but we needed better tools and visibility to improve the services to our users. I worked with SAS in a previous role so re-engaging with them was a bit of a no-brainer for me. And I knew that SAS could help with all the networking initiatives we were about to kick off. SAS started by carrying out a network audit for us, focusing on our local area network (LAN) then taking this further reviewing our wide area network (WAN).

Once the main bottlenecks were resolved, SAS installed their network monitoring tool which gave us the visibility we need to support the business in the event of peaks and troughs and network failures, etc. In turn this helped us redesign our network for our disaster recovery project which now provides us with a secure, fault tolerant network in case of a disaster. We run a fairly lean technical services team here at Venn, so like some companies in our sector we outsource the areas where strategically & financially it makes sense. One of these areas is our wide area network (WAN). We could increase the head count in the team, but having SAS on hand dealing with day-to-day issues means we don’t have to. We now have complete visibility of our network so we can see any network issues and where they’re occurring immediately.

We can switch to our backup hardware if needs be and get the business going quicker in the event of a failure. Our network is supported by SAS on a 24 by 7 by 365 basis. We’ll be able to see – day or night – if issues occur and are comfortable in the knowledge that a call has been raised with our network provider even if it’s in the middle of the night. We’re responding quicker and in some cases the business doesn’t even know there’s been a problem… as it’s been managed whilst they are sleeping in their beds. I treat SAS as an extension of our IT team. They’re key to helping me deliver the technical strategy that Venn Group needs in order to grow. They also free up my team so they can continue to provide first class support to the business.

Collaboration is a word bandied about a lot these days, but it’s great to know if we have an initiative or project we’re looking at I can call the guys at SAS in to help us with it. They don’t sit there and tell me what I already know, but challenge me and my team in a proactive and collaborative way. I’d describe SAS as being honest & proactive. They’ve got to know how Venn operates as a company so know what fits, and what doesn’t, and can bring relevant initiatives to us.

Sounds cheesy, but they care about our network and our business.



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