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Tulip Foods

Tony Brown, Group IT Director


Video Transcript

Tulip is a major food producer. We provide pork and pork products and sell them to all the major UK supermarkets. We’ve grown as a business from £350m 10 years ago to a £1.2 billion business. We operate 20 factories around the UK. Each of those sites is a major production facility and is dependent for its critical IT services on access through the network to data centres in Bury St Edmunds and Kings Lynn.

We were introduced to SAS some four years ago by our network provider. We were looking for someone who could provide us with a faster, more responsive and proactive service than we’d been getting. And we were also looking to do a major upgrade of our network at the time and needed some help with that. When SAS came on the scene, we were busy making acquisitions and we faced a lot of process & billing related issues. SAS helped us to resolve these by bringing in a Service Relationship Manager who was quickly able to understand and provide solutions to our problems.

We’re a 24 by 7 operation and it’s absolutely vital that all our sites around the UK are able to access, through the network, our central data centre where our systems are hosted. Without the network, quite simply we wouldn’t be able to supply our customers. The team at SAS provides us with technical support for our network, but equally importantly they also provide us with a point of escalation to our carrier so that we can raise issues and get them resolved quickly. We find the reporting tools that SAS provides us really useful. Not only from the point of view of monitoring the network performance, but also in providing us an ‘early warning’ of potential issues on the network. And, one further point is that we’ve used these reporting tools to help us find bottlenecks… which is a really useful assistance in our redesign efforts.

One of the major benefits that we’ve found working with SAS has been the great level of network contacts they have within our carrier. This has allowed us to escalate issues quickly and get them resolved as soon as we can. We outsource the management of our network quite simply because we don’t have the resources, or the skills internally, to be able to handle the issues that may arise in the management of the network.

We need fast and skilled responses to our issues and we believe that outsourcing to a Service Provider is the best way of achieving this. Technology breaks… and what’s really important to us is the responsiveness and the attitude of the people we engage with to fix it. SAS takes time to understand our requirements. They don’t give us the hard sell but they do bring us ideas and solutions that add value to our business.



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