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"I first engaged with SAS Managed Applications in April 2011, when we jointly embarked on a special project to develop a state-of-the-art tracking, traceability and quality audit system to be used throughout the healthcare sector. We quickly developed an excellent working relationship with their management & development team - and have been consistently impressed by the high level of technical expertise and knowledge demonstrated by their organisation.

SAS was initially recommended to me by a personal friend, and having now worked with SAS for more than 4 years I can fully understand the reasons why their customers feel such strong advocacy.

We have found SAS excellent to work with. They have a proven track record in software development, particularly in our sector, and we trust them to always provide us best advice and guidance. An approachable and personable operation, they have demonstrated both patience and focus in helping us get to where we are today - one of the UK’s leading heath solution providers.

I see our working relationship with SAS as a real team effort in which both parties (us and SAS) have properly embraced the spirit of partnership… and it has worked.

I would have no reservations recommending SAS to any organisation in need of software development services".

Toni Hoare: Managing Director


Service: Managed Applications

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