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Coca Cola Enterprises

Chris Grao, Great Britain Field IT Manager


Video Transcript

Coca Cola Enterprises is the largest franchise holder of Coca Cola products. We franchise from the Coca Cola Company. We don’t just manufacture and distribute Coca Cola, there are a plethora of products as well, so there is quite a large portfolio. Back in 1996, we first embarked on remote workers - people who work from home. At that time we approached SAS to look after our estate of home workers, which were on ISDN.

We had got in a bit of a mess and SAS was able to tidy that up for us administratively. For example, we had loads of lines where actually people weren’t there anymore. SAS delivered a BT Teleworker DSL service for our 1400-1500 home workers. That entailed the understanding of our estate and the delivery of routers, PSTN lines, engineers to our estate over a short period of migration time. During that period they also had to deal with the ever-changing landscape of our home worker base in that we have adds, moves & changes (something in the region of 600 a year).

So within a 3-month time period of the migration, they had to deal with quite a changing landscape. The benefits this new system has delivered to our teleworkers is that they now have reliable, consistent communication and are able to quickly and painlessly to communicate with their colleagues, and send system information on a daily basis. The other massive efficiency benefit is obviously in the reduced cost from our previous ISDN services to the teleworker services. So as a global enterprise we have obviously benefited very much from the cost efficiencies, but also the productivity efficiencies from our home workers.

I’ve had a relationship with SAS going back for about 10 years now and what SAS have brought to CCE Great Britain is almost a consultancy service. They are not dependant on British Telecom or any other Telco… or any technology provider. They really will bring solutions to the table that really meet the requirement so in that respect and on a consultative basis they are very impartial, very cost effective and they’re able to think outside of the box. They’re not constrained by suppliers or technology. They really will try things for you… and bring people together as well.



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