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BC Partners

Mike Twinning, Chief Financial Officer


Video Transcript

BC Partners is a leading Private Equity House. We specialise in acquiring and developing businesses in Europe, North America and the rest of the world. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we try to understand our businesses better, which will lead to us purchasing companies we feel will grow better… which will ultimately lead us to provide better returns for our investors.

BC Partners has many IT challenges. However, I think our key challenge is the fact that despite only having a relatively small number of staff, those staff are spread widely throughout offices in Europe and North America. Plus, our staff are always travelling throughout the world. What we require from our IT systems is a network with 100% connectivity at all times.

SAS helps us to meet that challenge by having a deep understanding of our needs; developing the systems to meet those needs; and finally by leveraging the good relationships they have with the major world carriers. We’ve been working with SAS for a long time now, probably over 11 years. Originally SAS was just providing help for our London operations. But increasingly over the years as IT has become more complicated, and BC Partners expanded, we’ve grown together to a point whereby SAS now oversees all of our global operations. We choose to outsource the management of our network to SAS because they are able to design systems that are right for us - and furthermore run those for us in a consistent and reliable way. SAS provides a multitude of IT services to BC Partners.

At its most basic level, SAS provides local desktop and server support for the London operations. At a slightly higher level, it provides Group-wide WAN services including IP telephony, data & video conferencing. At the highest level SAS provides strategic guidance, in effect acting as our CIO to provide services that are fit for purpose for our business. What we like about SAS is the quick response times and speedy resolution of problems. This is helped by having two permanent SAS staff in our London operations.

SAS stands out from other Managed Service Providers firstly because they’ve always been very service driven, rather than the sales driven approach that you see in other providers. Secondly, they are small enough to provide personal service but also large enough to provide the background and technical expertise required for modern day business. BC Partners has a very good relationship with SAS. We feel they bring creative and practical solutions to meet our business needs. For the future? More of the same.



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