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Phil Smith, Head of IT Services


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BAM is a construction company, one of the largest in the UK. We have presence throughout the United Kingdom and although we are predominantly a construction organisation, we have property divisions & facilities management services as well as design and services engineering.

So we consider ourselves to be property one-stop shop really. BAM’s data network is really crucial to what we do as a business. It allows us to communicate with our clients, with our partners and with ourselves. It also allows us to collaborate as project teams in order to achieve our end goal… which is the construction of great buildings. Being a construction organisation, our network is constantly evolving. New projects are beginning all the time, old projects are ending.

And for us it’s really vital that we get our communications to our end users as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can. So delivery is a really key area for us. We also would like those communications to be as reliable and as effective as possible once they’ve been delivered. And it’s again important for us to have the knowledge that that particular communication is being well managed & monitored. This gives us the assurance that the end-users are getting the best possible experience that they can.

SAS has helped us in a number of ways. Probably key for me is really improving the provisioning process and the delivery of communications to site in as timely a manner as possible. That’s probably our biggest challenge within BAM and they’ve really assisted greatly in that. Also, we found a much greater improvement in terms of the monitoring of the network. We are able to see and have much more visibility into what’s going on. Thirdly, the management of the relationship between ourselves and our provider has really improved. I think this is because SAS acts as the ‘glue’ between ourselves and the provider and it’s really made for a vastly improved relationship.

What we’ve found for our end customers is that the delivery process has significantly improved. Also our set-up procedures are much more simplified than they used to be. Both of those two elements have resulted in cost savings which we’ve been able to pass on. I think for us, the personal touch is really important. BAM as an organisation likes to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers and it’s something we want to carry through to our suppliers and partners as well. And when we pick up the phone to SAS, we know that someone’s going to answer it and know who we are. We are not just a ‘name’ or a ‘number’. We are a customer and they understand us, our business and our network.

I think with SAS, you can have an ‘honest-to-goodness’, ‘cards-on-the-table’ conversation with them at any time. I never feel like I’m being sold to and they really strike me as an organisation that cares about their customers, the business of their customers and their needs. And for us here at BAM that’s really, really important.



"SAS built a rapid site deployment solution for us that we are now using this on at least 50% of our construction sites. We are extremely pleased with the solution! The deployment process is easy, with our sites now being deployed in as little as 48 hours [power depending]. In most areas the performance and reliability are very good. It’s been great to be able to migrate seamlessly to fibre Ethernet when we need to.

We’re using the solution at more and more sites and I’d recommend it to other businesses.  I commend SAS for working with BAM Construction Ltd to ensure we had a mobile, rapid solution to get the projects live within a few days of setting up, whilst we waited for the fixed lines to be installed."

Lisa Preston: Communications and Business Services Manager, BAM Construct


Service: Rapid Site Deployment

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