Are more of your people working from home?

Our home worker WAN solution connects your staff direct to your WAN.

We are offering generous connection discounts during Summer 2020 with flexible contracts.


Connect your home workers direct to the Corporate WAN

Get a reliable, secure, private connection to the WAN for people who are working from home.

 If your people are working from home we can connect them direct to your corporate network, for the ultimate in peace of mind and simplicity.


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Do you face an increase in home working?

  • Will you need to be ready if staff are forced to work from home again?
  • Will your staff want more home working in the future?
  • Will your business want to save office space by allowing more home working? 

Are you worried about security, performance and support?

  • Concerned about performance issues from contended home internet use?
  • Worried about security?
  • Struggling to offer support to users with home broadband?
  • Prefer a direct connection to the WAN? 

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We can help

Secure home worker connections direct to the WAN

  • Private DSL or FTTC connections (4G/5G backup options) direct to your WAN 
  • More secure than  internet connections that are shared with family
  • Better performance than internet connections, with traffic prioritisation available
  • A complete solution, fully integrated with all of our services
  • And full private access to cloud services
  • Fully managed installation. Options for self install with remote support, where required
  • Fully managed, and monitored 24x7 for reliability and peace of mind
  • All from a single WAN supplier, and under a single bill

Makes home workers simpler and cheaper for you to support

Available even if your WAN is not with SAS!


Find out which solution we would recommend for your Home Worker situation by completing our online quote builder

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The service comprises

  • DSL or FTTC connection for each home worker
  • Private connection direct to your WAN, rather than the internet
  • Managed router, remotely configured 
  • Remotely-supported self-install or full installation if required
  • Fully monitored, with status and performance visible on your portal
  • Private access to Cloud Platforms (saving on internet egress costs)
  • Private access to SAS services such as Hosted Voice, Microsoft 365 and Teams
  • A range of options, including Hosted Voice, MS Teams, 4G/5G circuits and critical user packages




"A Private, business class circuit with SLAs, end to end management and traffic prioritisation, all from your WAN supplier and under one bill"

A range of options to help you

Hosted Voice


MS Teams with fully integrated calling


4G circuits and critical user packages


Key benefits 


  • Home workers connect straight into the Corporate WAN, which protects you from having multiple home workers accessing your network over the internet
  • Safeguard your network by keeping family members off the WiFi.
  • We offer MAC address filtering (up to three MAC addresses) as standard 

High Performance

  • Business class broadband
  • Direct connection avoids best-endeavours internet
  • Private connection means we can offer prioritisation
  • Isolated from family broadband use


  • Isolates users from outages on consumer platforms, which sometimes fail when overloaded
  • 4G/5G SIM option allows for urgent installs and continued working if fixed lines fail,
  • Monitored 24x7 and supported by Networking Experts


  • Fully installed 
  • Fully managed WAN Circuit with options for most scenarios
  • All on one bill



Easy for you to support

  • Home workers use a service provided by you, rather than their home broadband provider
  • Setup is consistent across all of your home workers
  • Comes with WiFi too; configured consistently across your user base to simplify support
  • Orders and changes are handled for you
  • Circuits are monitored 24x7. You can see your home worker connection status on our award-winning portal.
  • Includes helpdesk for your support team
  • Ultimately, reduces the effort and resource required to support multiple home workers

Peace of mind

  • Staff are effectively on the corporate network
  • Under a single managed service provider
  • You don’t need to pay for bandwidth of users who aren’t currently using the connection; we can flex up in minutes when you need it

For flexibility, we have a post-out service
This requires just a simple connection by the home worker and our remote engineers will do the rest.

Our  WAN solutions have been trusted by household names such as:

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Home workers can now be part of the WAN

With full access to all of the services provided across the WAN and beyond


More detail on your Options

Do you need a Home Worker Voice solution?

Ask about home worker Hosted Voice 

We can provide a Hosted Voice line to enable incoming and outgoing calls from a laptop or smartphone client. This is helpful if your home worker needs to make calls but has poor cellular coverage.

Hosted Voice lines can be just for Home Workers, and just for defined periods when you need them.

Do you need a collaboration solution?

Ask about MS 365, Teams and Voice integration

We can provide Microsoft 365 and Teams licences, and we can fully manage these services for you. 

We can also provide full integration between MS Teams and your SAS Hosted Voice service. This allows your office staff and home workers to make external calls right from within Teams, saving time and giving them a seamless, productive experience.  It also makes their experience consistent between office and home, and can remove the need for expensive desk phones!

MS 365, MS Teams and Voice integration can be provided just for your Home Workers and just for defined periods when you need them.

Do you have urgent circuits or critical users?

Ask us about options for critical and heavy users

Our critical-user options include:

  • Faster circuits
  • Urgent circuit delivery using Single SIM and Bonded 4G/5G
  • Ongoing backup using 4G/5G
  • Higher levels of support.

Do you need WAN connections for home workers?

Tell us about your situation

Our online tool will tailor a solution and email you a quote.

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Yes.  We can set up the router to offer secure WiFi access, and we can configure this remotely for you.

Absolutely!   Business continuity is a primary use for these direct-connect circuits.  What's more, if you have a number of circuits unused for a period, we can reduce the bandwidth allocated for connecting them to your WAN, saving you money. It takes less than an hour to increase bandwidth when you need it.

Business DSL circuits are typically delivered in around four weeks, but our 4G option will allow connection within days, once your company is set up with us.

Yes!   Our policy is always to be fair and transparent and we work with every customer to get the best price possible, for example by sharing fixed costs across more users.  For customers not using an SAS WAN, we can also flex the bandwidth of connectivity into your WAN to suit your real-time needs. 

For urgent requirements we can provide a single-user number and a desktop and/or mobile phone client.  We also have a range of Hosted Voice solutions.

There are two options:   engineer installation and self-installation.  For both options, the management service will configure remotely once the router is connected and powered up.

If you don't have your WAN with SAS then we will also have to arrange with you a route for home worker WAN traffic to reach your network.  There are a number of options that we can discuss with you.

Of course! We will establish with you a secure connection from our network to your WAN.  This will be used to route the traffic from your home workers.  There are several options available to suit you, and we can flex this bandwidth quickly as your needs change.  The homeworker circuits will, of course, be fully managed and monitored.  You will be able to see their status on your portal.