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IP Access

IP Access

Colt IP Access has been designed to deliver constant and high quality access to the Internet. It’s a product that’s proved popular amongst organisations of all sizes, from those with one or two sites, to those with multiple offices right across Europe.

IP Access has been created to enable your organisation to make the most of the Internet: from employees sharing information internally, running applications that interface with customers in real time, or enabling e-commerce to be carried out quickly and securely.

Colt is one of the few telecommunications companies that has built its own, high quality European network. We OWN our fibre and DSL infrastructure: we developed it, built it, and are constantly improving its award winning performance.

So, whether you’re looking for local access, or for pan-European coverage, Colt can give you an easy solution to your needs: you don’t need to work out a host of different agreements with different suppliers in different places.

Access Pack

An attractively priced combination of Internet Access and Voice/VoIP. Your all-in-one pack: single connection, single order, single bill. Colt Access Pack converge telephony and internet, cut costs and reduce complexity.