We can provide a 4G router for your business

Get a reliable, high-speed 4G multi-SIM connection from SAS

If your priority is to achieve the most stable, reliable, lossless connection, we can bond multiple 4G connections together into a single, reliable connection that links into your corporate network or the internet.

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Build your 4G solution

The service is made up of

  • 4G bonded router
  • Business grade roaming SIMs
  • Installation
  • Hub (if needed)
  • Data package
  • Length of time needed

We can add additional extras if you need them, for example WiFi Access Points, VoIP deskphones, Laptops, Printers

How it works?

Rapid Site Deployment from SAS Global Communications


A range of 4G bonding routers

Single SIM



Dual SIM



Quad SIM



The key points you should know


  • All our routers are SD-WAN enabled
  • All have inbuilt antennas and can link to external high gain antennas
  • They offer guest and private WiFi
  • You can add WiFi Access Points to create a Wifi network.
  • They have Active SIMs and Failover SIMs
  • The connection is load balanced or bonded using multiple SIMs


  • We can tailor a maintenance agreement to suit your business needs - globally
  • Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) based in West Sussex, UK will proactively monitor the router 24/7
  • Our monitoring portal will provide real-time statistics such as availability, utilisation etc
  • You will have access to a Self Service Portal.
  • Reporting on data usage, bandwidth and more is provided.



  • We provide an end to end delivery from the point of order.
  • The order will be delivered by our Prince2 certified team.
  • The router will be configured by Peplink certified engineers at our head office
  • We can offer a 2 day deployment for customers who need it urgently
  • We will carry out the necessary testing to ensure you get the best connection
  • Configuration for each router will be completed by our engineers to your requirements.


  • We can connect directly to your WAN 
  • We can easily migrate you from the 4G connection to a permanent circuit (if needed)
  • You can continue to use 4G as a backup solution when the permanent circuit has been installed.
  • There are many data options available, please get in touch for more information


4G is far more reliable than traditional mobile connectivity because it bonds multiple SIMs. The bonding delivers a higher bandwidth, but its primary aim is actually to create reliable performance. Traffic seamlessly fails over via another live channel in the bond. Having SIMs from multiple carriers further increases resilience.

Yes, using the router's session-based load-balancing tools. 

Yes, we can configure 4G to support latency-sensitive applications such as VOIP and Citrix. Quality of service policies can be applied.

We have lots of options available to address this. As a general rule, the antennas we use are around ten times more powerful than those you would find in a mobile phone.

We can tailor a data plan to suit your needs including any data capping and/or alerting.

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Build your 4G solution